Camp Schedule

Sunday, June 25 – Saturday, July 1, 2017

Evening Program Highlights

Our evening program will feature guests and different activities for the kids. Check back for new additions!

Warren “WAWA” Snipe, Dip Hop Artist

Hailing from the landscapes of the DC / MD / VA area, Acclaimed Hip Hop Recording Artist WAWA has been hitting the ground running with music with insatiable drive since he first picked up the mic in 2005 and began writing and rhyming at an unstoppable pace. His rendering of Dip Hop explores Hip Hop in a way where the focus is taking on challenges and educating people about deaf musicians in the hearing world. A pursuit where he hopes to put deaf Recording Artists on the map in the mainstream public interest. Something not only original, but admirable, genuine, and bringing music to a whole new world of audiences of artists where their disadvantage ultimately becomes their biggest one. Something that has strongly showcased WAWA’s interest in inspiring to aspire. Even to those who are more challenged to do so.